Writing good content may not be difficult, but writing great content is downright tricky. With the barrage of content that is thrown at you from the web, only great content has any chance of making it alive from the great cesspool of the net. So how do you go about creating great content? Content that has your readers coming back. Content that is shared, commented on and liked repeatedly.
A 20th century mathematician theorized that a monkey banging at a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will eventually churn out literary works comparable to the great Shakespeare’s himself. Unless you’re willing to put the theory to test, content writing is still a creative task that has no sure-fire template. But, here’re a few tips you can use to hone your writing skills and accomplish that impressive writing target.

Define Your Audience

Who are you writing for? The better you understand this, the better your content will be.

Pick a Good Topic

You should know what will click with your audience. Don’t go with the flow. Bring something new to the table. A new perspective, unexplored topics – all of this will bode well both for your readers and for your content ranking. Sometimes, writing about what not to do is more attractive that writing about what to do.

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.”-
Jim Jarmusch

There is nothing wrong with reading what others have to say on your topic. Compare your content with the top content on the internet. What makes their content, top content? Incorporate the best elements of their content into your work. Also, think about what makes your content, different from others. Mix it all together and you have a near recipe for success.

Write and Edit

Having done your research, the only thing left to do is to write. Bold, italics and bullets help improve general readability. Including the occasional image also makes your content more interesting for the average Joe. Don’t be satisfied with the first draft, but go back to it for further edits till you are fully satisfied.

Content Marketing

Whether you are a travel writer rhapsodizing about the camel safari in Dubai or a tech guru advising readers about the latest gadgets, you need to let people know that your blog is out there waiting for them. That is where content marketing can be of help. You can try guest blogging on relevant sites and can even ask other bloggers to tweet about your post. Use social media to your advantage and generate traffic to your post.
With these tips, you should be able to turn good content into great and valuable content that will have your readers clamoring for more.
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