With scores of websites vying for a space on the internet highway, only ten make it to the first search-engine page. The question then is what does it take to be one of the chosen ten?
At GMI, we combine our website development expertise with our formidable SEO skills to create a website with real, measurable value in the competitive websphere.

When it comes down to producing an SEO-friendly website, some of the aspects we consider are:

Platform used:

We develop websites on platforms that are easily crawlable and indexable for Google crawlers. Flash files, Java applets and other non-text content cannot be read by search-engine crawlers. We advise our clients to go for a clean, sleek, HTML 5 design. Simply put, you have the benefits that Flash delivers, in addition to a responsive design and a crawlable site.

Site Structure:

The way you organize your content, sub-categorizing it under different headings has immense implications on your search-engine ranking.

Original Content: Mirroring someone else’s content never works. Google respects original, unique content. With our team of inspired copywriters and armed with our knowledge of SEO, we ensure that we produce good content and incorporate important industry “key-words” into your website. Leave it to us to reach that fine balance between good content and optimized content.

Content Structure:

The key to a successful SEO strategy is to organize content under appropriate headings so that search engines like Google will prefer your website over others.

Link Structure:

Our friendly-neighborhood spider (Google crawler) has very specific work requirements. This means that all public pages on your website need to be linked to each other. Additionally, a good URL structure is an excellent indicator of the content of the page in question, which further allows Google to index your page for relevant keywords.

Meta Descriptions:

Well worded meta-descriptions can make the difference between a click and a plain impression. We incorporate keywords in your meta-description to contribute to a higher ranking on search engines and to appeal more to users.

All said and done, there are over 200 factors that contribute to Google’s search algorithm. We actively pursue the above, along with many more clean, white-hat tactics.

With GMI, you can save the trouble of developing a website and then implementing SEO, when instead you could hit two birds with one stone.


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