The consolidate road length in the UAE is a whopping 5000 km. These roads are choc-a-bloc with retail outlets, big and small. Simply put, what SEO can do is it can take your business from the isolated, dusty byroads and position you on a bustling highway like the Sheikh Zayed Road!

Now, let’s take a look at the nitty-gritty’s of this process:

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making your website search-engine friendly. Potential customers Google (or Yahoo, for some) to find out about businesses like yours. Ensuring your website is search-engine friendly therefore increases your customer-reach.
Changes we make include modifying your website code content, altering website copy and links to make your website more compatible with the search engine’s popular key words. The end goal is to make your website metaphorically speaking, be better friends, with Google or any other search engine. Your website will rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP), boosting your visibility thereby increasing visits by potential customers.
Search engines rank and determine the results for each page through complex algorithms. These algorithms rank the relevance of your site through specific parameters cumulatively called PageRank. The big three (Google, Yahoo and Bing) constantly change their page-sorting algorithms, so your SEO strategy needs to be dynamic and fluid to accommodate the changes to stay ahead of the game.

Why is SEO Important for You?

Roughly 90% of search engine users click on links from the first SERP (search engine results page.) Meaning your business’ findability drastically increases when your website is located on the first SERP instead of the second or third SERP.
Our SEO practice enhances the user experience by improving navigational ease on your website. An improved user-experience could translate to repeat visits on your site.
What’s more? Organic users (users who discover your websites on search engine listings) are more likely to share your site on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
It all boils down to SEO, doesn’t it?
Forget about expensive, ineffective broadcast advertising methods. SEO puts your website on the Sheikh Zayed Road of the internet network,at a fraction of the cost.
With Search engines constantly updating their algorithms, it’s best to leave it to the efficient & experienced hands at GMI to make sure you retain your top position on the SERPs always.


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