UAE enjoys a tax-free climate and so you probably would not have “audit” in your vocabulary. But, we are here to tell you otherwise.
Let’s see, you have everything in place: good content, good graphics, an easily navigable site but still, you don’t seem to be receiving enough traffic. Or maybe your website isn’t ranking highly on search engines. You might be meeting all these parameters, but there’s always room for improvement.
SEO audits aim to identify factors that might be holding your website back and assess how successful your website currently is, from an SEO perspective.
Google has over 200 factors that determine a page’s ranking on the Internet. We take these factors into consideration and evaluate the performance of your website with a detailed inspection of the navigation, business processes, information quality and quantity. This process will help you determine how well your website is performing and what are the steps necessary to improve it.

An SEO-audit is an extensive process and here’s how it works, briefly put:

Phase 1:

Our SEO wizards will run crawling tools on your website to immediately determine the general success of the site.

Phase 2:

We know how frustrating it is when someone steals from us. Occasionally, we have had clients who have had their content copied by competitors or pretenders.
Beyond the fact that these inconsiderate people are stealing your intellectual property, your page’s rank on search engines is also downgraded. Unfortunately, by default, Google is unable to determine authorship of content. We know how to inform Google of authorship rights to restore your page’s credibility.
Often, even after you delete a page from your website; it takes a while for Google to update the listings. In the meanwhile, these now non-existent pages remain listed on search engines. Unsuspecting users who click on these links arrive at blank pages and are delivered an unsatisfactory user experience and bounce rate increases. Your page’s credibility decreases. Our SEO team ensures users are re-directed to an appropriate 404 error page.

Phase 3:

This is when we look at the SEO-friendliness of your site specifically, with regard to site structure. Here, we ask questions like, does your site follow a good horizontal and vertical linking structure, has breadcrumbs been implemented on your site, is your site being overrun by pesky ads, does your site deliver original content.


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