Videos have an innate ability to capture people’s attention. Who doesn’t enjoy watching videos and catch up with the latest while on-the-go?
We are adept at producing just this, short snackable videos which will get your audience’s attention. Get to know more about our unique offering: “Shorties”.
But, just posting videos on the Internet alone will not do the trick. YouTube is the second largest search engine for a reason. With more than 250 million views daily from the MENA region and 100 hours-worth of videos being uploaded every minute, the reach is immense. Likewise, the probability of your video getting lost in the glut of videos is also very real.

The answer: YouTube SEO.

Like any search engine, YouTube uses several parameters to determine the relevance of your video to a user’s query. Your video rank is ultimately determined by a complex, intermingling of these several factors.

Here, we’ll cover a few of the main factors:


YouTube has not yet developed the skills to listen to your video; an extensive description with relevant keywords increases its find ability, along with the transcript of the video and the link to your website.


The video title acts like a headline, a catchy or informative title will surely get eyeballs rather than a generic one. It does not stop there. Attracting users, however, is not simply enough. Engaging the user appropriately is what is important. YouTube identifies misleading titles and video thumbnails by assessing the strength of the “thumbs-downs” on a video and these can bring down your video rank.


Tags allow the YouTube search algorithm to categorize your video under different headings. This is what will cause your video to appear when a user searches for related themes.


YouTube prefers to offer the best quality videos for its users. Higher-quality videos generally rank higher than ones with lowquality footage.


Positive user-engagement is measured by assessing how long a user has spent on the video, the increase in subscriber-base over time, the number of thumbs-up, commented responses, videos on playlists and the frequency of uploads.
And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. The crux of the matter is that you need to produce good-quality videos and make it discoverable for the YouTube user base.
GMI’s SEO wizards will be on the job and within days you will a rise in your customer-engagement, which impact your sales and finally increase your profitability!


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