Arabic has over 350 million speakers of the language. MENA’s internet-user growth has an impressive growth trajectory and we don’t foresee it slowing down anytime soon. With the burgeoning Arabic-speaking internet population, it comes as no surprise then that optimizing your Arabic website becomes important.

Here’s how GMI experts at can get your Arabic website to the top of search engine results:

Region-by-Region Insights

The MENA region stretches from Morocco in North Africa to the UAE, in the Middle East. Each region has its own browsing and purchasing patterns and its own unique culture shaped by centuries of deep-rooted tradition and practices. While we recognize the unifying effect of globalization, the nuances in Arabic culture demand region-specific content that appeal directly to your specific audience.

Company Research

We conduct a thorough reading of your company and the services or products you offer to arrive at your unique selling point (USP).

Arabic Keyword Research & Analysis

Based on your USP, we identify relevant keywords for your website. We conduct continual evaluation and carry out tweaks to the keywords as the campaign progresses.

Arabic Keyword Assignment and Mapping

Keywords are assigned to appropriate pages on your website which will act as landing pages for organic search traffic.

Website Code Optimization

Our website developers then get busy. We create meta-descriptions, meta-tags, incorporate keywords, and implement H1, H2, H3 tags and any other white-hat SEO practice to get your website to the top.

Link Research and Link Building

Based on the initial regional research conducted, we determine where your audience spends their time online. This helps to determine the channels that can be used for linking building. You can then create content for these channels to direct traffic to your website.

Arabic Content Creation

Well written, coherent, culturally sensitive and interesting Arabic content is what will take your website to the top rank on search engine results. Our in-house Arabic copywriters will always ensure that you get the message across to your target audience and at the same time incorporate target keywords into the already existing content to appeal to popular search queries.

Entrust GMI with your Arabic SEO and enjoy a dedicated viewership from your Arabic audience.


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