More than 85 per cent of UAE residents are now online – the third highest in the Middle East according to The National. With such a large customer base, businesses are figuring out new ways to get users to visit their website and convert views into sales. One of the best ways to ensure maximum visibility for your brand is through Search Engine Optimization of your website. Obtaining top search engine ranking should be a priority of the digital marketing strategy for every business or company, both big and small.

Google’s periodic updates – Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird – can turn once-helpful SEO tactics to being potentially devastating to your websites.

There’s no need to fear though, at the end of the day, what Google intends to provide, is a more authentic experience for their searchers. As long as you deliver good, original content, you won’t take the hit for a Google update.

Only when you pursue what we call black-hat techniques like stuffing your website with keywords, deceiving Google’s crawlers by selectively displaying content (cloaking) or even paying other websites to mention yours, will you be penalized.

These are just few of the measures of GMI’s Off-Site SEO Checklist

  1. Search engine submission – Submitting your website to a search engine is the sure shot way to ensure that your website updates and even your website itself gets noticed by search engines.
  2. Social Bookmarking –Adding social bookmarking options (especially in blogs) allow readers to bookmark interesting pages on your website accentuating the credibility for your page.
  3. Directory Submission – Popular directory submission sites such as Dmoz, Technoriti, All top are great for building backlinks for your blog.
  4. Article Submission – Submitting articles to top sites such as Ezine, Geoarticles, Hubpages will get you high quality backlinks.
  5. Blog Commenting – Blog commenting, especially on dofollowcommentluv enabled blogs, is one of the best ways to drive referral traffic to your blog. This is a perfectly legitimate way of increasing your PageRank.
  6. Guest Posting – If you do have a blog, guest posting on relevant blogs is a good way to boost your site’s credibility.
  7. Forums – Getting involved in forum discussions, providing legitimate advice and subsequently, subtly sharing your website is a great way to build your reputation through high-quality backlinks.
  8. Slide Sharing – Creating slides on topics of your interest, mentioning your website and posting on sites like slideshare and scribdcan add to your credibility.
  9. Social Networking – Apart from your presence on social-media, sharing options is the sure-fire way to let search-engines know that your website is a legitimate entity worthy of top rankings.
  10. Infographic Submission – Creating highly informative infographics that can be embedded into other blogs can give valuable backlinks to your blog.

Ultimately, the off-site SEO strategy you follow depends on your business and the tone that you want to establish. With GMI’s hands on experience in crafting custom SEO strategies, you can trust us to create something unique for your website.


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