“On-page SEO” modifications encompass everything you can do to your website to increase its visibility, from its structure and design to the content.

Essentially, these tweaks will increase your website’s visibility on search engines.

  1. Page Title

    –  Your page title is your introduction to the search engine crawler. Make sure that your keywords are included in your title and that too towards the start of the title. Each page should have a unique title which includes the keywords for that page.

  2. Meta Description

    – Should contain your main keywords written in ways that will entice the reader to visit your site. For example, say “dune bashing” and “desert safari” were popular keywords, a desert safari company may wish to include the following in their meta-description: “Our experienced drivers deliver a stomach-churning dune bashing experience that promises to be nothing short of a dream-desert safari.”

  3. SEO Friendly URLs

    – Make your URLs user friendly and short with relevant keywords in the first 3-5 words. Avoid those randomly generated numbers or names that don’t make sense to us or to the search engine. The desert safari company should have not have aURL like &?72638%%hel32 but works better.

  4. Body Tags-

    The content on your page should be broken into sections and paragraphs for ease of reading. Use body tags such as H1, H2 and H3 effectively to mark your copy. Ensure only the main page title is given inside the H1 tag with subtitles in H2, H3 tags. Search engines use the tags to determine the importance and relevance of the page so use appropriate keywords in the tags.

  5. Keyword Density and Placement-

    Placing relevant keywords throughout the content helps the search engines understand the importance of your copy. Do not overstuff keywords or you will find your site being penalized by the search engines. Optimal keyword density is between 2-5%.


GMI applies all these techniques to improve your search engine ranking significantly.


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